1. Login to your account

  2. Once on the overview page scroll down to the 'Activate Now' button

  3. This will take you to our subscriptions - select your chosen Monthly or Annual Subscription

  4. Select and add a payment method: Payment Card/ Direct Debit / Bank Transfer (Bank transfer is not available for monthly subscriptions)

  5. Select Proceed - this will automatically activate the live service if you use a payment card or DDI. If you select bank transfer your account will be activated as soon as we receive notification from our finance team that payment has been received.

Annual Subscriptions

Are valid for 12 months but once all the credits are used our auto-renew feature will purchase a renewal subscription valid for a further 12 months. You will receive a notification at 20% remaining to allow time for any changes and at 10% remaining the renewal subscription will be placed on your account in readiness to ensure a continual service.

Monthly Subscriptions

Are valid for 1 month but if all of the credits are used sooner our auto-renew feature will purchase another monthly subscription valid for a further 1 month. You will not receive notifications of renewal.

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