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Do you provide a sandbox test environment?
Do you provide a sandbox test environment?

Using Fetchify for testing and development

Updated over a week ago

We don't provide a separate sandbox environment, but free trial accounts are available with 100 free lookups for testing.

Signing up for a trial account with us gives full access to the data for a limited number of requests. There is no commitment and no credit card is required, you only pay if you decide to use our service on a live system.

Once your trial period is finished and you convert to a live, paid for account, we also have some free postcodes you can test with:

  • UK Postcode Lookup API - the free test postcodes are AA1 1AA, AA1 1AB, AA1 1AD and AA1 1AE. They represent fictitious data.

  • Auto-Complete API - you can test for free with our own real postcode SL6 7RJ. The data is real and has a mix of residential and commercial addresses.

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