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Where's my account number / ID?
Where's my account number / ID?

How to find your Fetchify account number / account ID for invoice / support queries

Updated over a week ago

Sometimes it's not immediately easy to identify your Fetchify account - maybe your company has a different name to your email domain or has changed name, maybe the account was registered with someone else's email address. Whatever the reason, there are some really simple ways to find out your account number / ID if you need it.

  1. Log into your account
    Your account number is displayed on the top of the left hand menu next to your account name and status, as well as being the number at the end of the web URL in your browser.

  2. Check your email
    Your account number will always be shown on any account notification emails from Fetchify as Our Ref : ABC12345 - It's the number portion of this reference that's your account number.

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