What a huge question! But a valid one. Lets look at all the data we process and use to provide our services.

  1. Your Account Information & Our Account Portal

  2. Your Payment Information

  3. Your Fetchify Address and Data Searches

  1. Your Account Information & Our Account Portal
    Our portal, how you log into your account, the dashboard and information about your account users, including contact information, is stored on servers within the UK.

  2. Your Payment Information
    We do not keep your payment details in full or accessible form (bank account/sort code/credit or debit card details) anywhere on our platform - it is securely managed and maintained, for the purposes of your recurring subscription and one-off invoicing payments, by our payment providers, Trust Payments, Secure Trading and all our Direct Debits are covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee. We will only ask for your payment details if you have no listed payment method, are making payment with a new payment method, or we need to arrange a refund to your account. You can add and change payment methods securely through your online account at https://account.fetchify.com

  3. Your data searches
    By default we log all searches on address, phone, email, bank and other data types as per the information sent to us by your use of our API - whether that is via a Fetchify platform integration or through a custom integration you have developed. We keep a log of all full and partial searches visible within your account for 6months. Searches are time and date stamped, the IP address (Excluding the last 3 digits for security) of the search recorded, whether it was a successful or failed search, and whether that search was billable or not.
    You can download these logs if required, via your account, from the Access Tokens & Statistics section.

    In order to provide a consistent service data may be stored across a distributed secure cloud network across multiple countries, however, if you require data to be stored specifically within the UK or the US we can set this as a fixed parameter in your account. Just get in touch with us to arrange this.

    You can chose not to log detailed searches within each token setting if that is necessary for your security policies. This means that the searches will not have any detail of the content of the search, its IP or error codes. Only a time/date stamp and a billable status will be available to you or Fetchify.

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