Set up a Direct Debit

How to set up and pay by Direct Debit for your subscription or switch your payment method to Direct Debit

Updated over a week ago

Fetchify subscriptions are typically paid for by recurring Credit or Debit card, or by Direct Debit.

To set up a Direct Debit on your account you will need to follow these steps :

1. Log in to your Fetchify account

2. Click 'Account Settings' from the left hand menu
3. Click the 'Add New Direct Debit' option

4. Complete the online Direct Debit mandate

That's it! Your DDI will be processed securely by our provider within around 15 working days.

Already paying by Credit / Debit card?

If you want to pay by Direct Debit instead, you will need to remove your card details once you have completed the Direct Debit instruction form online. Payments default to Credit / Debit card so even if you set up a DDI, if you still have valid card details stored as well, your payments will be taken from the card rather than by Direct Debit.

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