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Shopify Plus Checkout Extensions
Shopify Plus Checkout Extensions

Find out more about the Fetchify Data Validation App for Shopify Plus

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Fetchify Data Validation App for Shopify PlusCheckout Extensions for Shopify Plus from Fetchify
I want the Postcode Lookup option to only display on my UK store, how can I do that?
How do I add UK Postcode Lookup to ShopPayAdd Postcode Lookup to ShopPay checkouts for the same quick and accurate addressing across your store
How do I exclude PO Boxes from address results in Shopify Plus?Don't ship to PO Boxes? Enable or Disable PO Box addresses in your Shopify Plus Checkout
Where is the Company Name field in the Shipping Address?Enable or disable the Company Name field in Shopify Plus Checkouts
How to do I change the colour of the app buttons in the checkoutHow to make the Fetchify Data Validation App UI match your branding in your Shopify Plus checkout
How do I enable / disable the built in Google Address Auto-Complete?
Why do I get an invalid postcode error for Jersey Guernsey or the Isle of Man?UK Channel Islands and Isle of Man shipping and market settings in Shopify Plus
When does a Postcode lookup get charged for in Shopify Plus?
Can I use my current credits with the app?For existing customers who wish to use existing valid credits with the Fetchify Data Validation App for Shopify Plus
Can I buy bulk lookups for use in Shopify Plus?Fetchify Data Validation App pricing options, plans and large volumes
What information do we store about merchants, their business and their customers through the app?Stored information specific to users of the Fetchify Data Validation App for Shopify Plus
Does the app work for address lookup in the Shopify Store Admin for creating orders and managing customers in the back-end?
Can I choose where the UK Postcode Lookup field appear on my checkout?
Can I see if an address was changed by a customer after being looked up?
How do I remove the app block?How to take out a checkout extensions app block in Shopify Plus checkouts
Is there a demo store?Want to see a demo of our app in action?
Why is my checkout showing an error saying UK Postcode Lookup unavailable
I’m a Fetchify partner building a store for a client - how do I add it to my account?Claim your client store in your fetchify partner account for Shopify Plus agencies